Monday, November 25, 2019

Spiritual  Emergency
When personal transformation becomes a crisis

What is this Spiritual Emergency?               
Do we really have an emergency in spirituality?
What happens in Spiritual Emergency?

All such queries are from the state of knowing the real hidden deep within. For all the questions above, answer the following

Did you ever felt, “am lost with so many therapies?”
This spiritual path is driving me mad
Any experience, so powerful that you lost the link to your ground?
Disturbances you found in family relationships, after attending any workshop?
Experiences that later made you lose all yourself?
Any urge to do something big and huge, something extraordinary?
Any thoughts running beyond ordinary states?

If your answers are “YES” Even to one or all, then Spiritual Emergency is for you. Thoughts ruled by divine ego and life situations seem to be impossible to handle than, Spiritual Emergency is for you.

We live in an awe of a newly learned subject or topic for a few weeks or may be years before we actually learn its ultimate way of learning the hidden transformative aspects. This awe feeling sometimes turns dark in filling only darkness in your life of relationships. All this is only due to the incomplete way of learning and being ignorant towards its darkness. Every aspect has its polarity and it is the must responsibility of self to learn it and know it.
Actualizing self is never been a golden walk, it is always been a path with pathless. However, the right knowledge and education towards its other aspects hidden can make the path golden.

To be more simple and Specific as per Stanislav Grof:
In a universe where only the tangible, material and measurable are real, all forms of religious and mystical activities are seen as reflecting ignorance, superstition, and irrationality or emotional immaturity. Direct experiences of spiritual realities are then interpreted as “psychotic”—manifestations of mental disease. It is important to recognize spiritual emergencies and treat them appropriately because of their great positive potential for personal growth and healing, which would ordinarily be suppressed by the insensitive approach and indiscriminate routine medication.
Spiritual emergency is a form of an identity crisis, where an individual experience drastic changes to their meaning system (i.e., their unique purposes, goals, values, attitude and beliefs, identity, and focus) typically because of a spontaneous Spiritual experience. A spiritual crisis may cause significant disruption in psychological, social, and occupational functioning. 

Program Contains:
Introduction to Spiritual Emergency
Understanding Evolutionary Crisis
Promises and Pitfalls
Triggers of transformational crisis
1. Physical, Mental and Emotional Loss
2. Powerful experiences with the darkness of divine
 Inner Mapping
1. Biographical
2. Perinatal
3. Trans-personal 
Forms of Spiritual Emergency
1. Shamanic Crisis
2. Awakening of Kundalini
3. Episodes of Unitive Consciousness
4. Psychological renewal through the return to the center
5. Crisis of Psychic opening
6. Past Life Experiences
7. Communications with spirit guides and channeling
8. Near Death Experiences
9. Experiences with close encounters with UFO’s
10.  Possession states
Educate yourself the difference between right and wrong understanding of the right path.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Trans-generational Healing

Two day Basic Trans-formative Program

No parent needs to be taught how to bring up their child.. However, an individual needs to know and be aware of what (his)tory is.. A child is not only an individual, also an expression of the genes, where most of the actions of a child is an incomplete expression of previous generations either ready for fruition or in the process towards completion.. It is very important to realize what a couple is forwarding through the genes to the next generation.. 

Wise Parenting is understanding the patterns that repeat as situations and an awareness towards the knowledge of what was sown.. It is being aware of DNA.. It is must for every individual to look into the self story so far so that one can identify what is under construction and what is towards destruction.. 

Every action that is performed are mostly from the fears or from the incomplete expression in the previous generations.. This in-completion is forwarded to the next generation making the generation go through the previous in-completion as situations to deal with.. In this process, one goes through many situations and patterns as disturbed aspects of life.. All the disturbed or disturbing aspects of life can be re-framed simply by understanding the past story or Family history, it's patterns or it's structures..
To fully experience our divine nature, the child within must be embraced and expressed.. However, we all lose our inner-child to varying extents.. This occurs due to past unresolved issues from the generation and also from individual journey of life, Parenting and Social Conditioning and the traumatic situations faced in life.. Where, in the process, we build unconsciously the walls of defenses..

To step out of the mask and reclaim our true self authentically, Working with patterns and healing the wounded child within and learning the aspects of Spiritual Parenting is needed as priority.. 

What do we learn through this program:  
  • What is Conscious Re-framing? 
  • Defining Patterns 
  • How to nullify patterns? 
  • Evolution in the process 
  • Why do patterns repeat? 
  • Steps towards integration           
  • Cultivating Awareness and unblocking the blocks
  • Failures in Re-framing
  • Re-framing the parent Child Bonding  
  • Practicals
Who can Attend? and the Take Over from the Program
  • Who look for breaking the repeated patterns
  • Can learn Re-framing the Story
  • Can live life at the fullest
  • Teachers
  • Would be Parents
  • Couples about to begin married life
  • Who has Relationship issues 

About the Trainer
Arpitha’s Profile

In the world of many existing therapies and therapists, professional trainers and counselors, we as human still are in need of many to come in. Not because there is presence of ignorance, it is simply because we all as humans are here to inspire and uplift each other in various aspects of life.

Enlightenment is not about realizing self. It is about actualizing the self as it is, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Arpitha as a simple minded being began to walk in life in search of answers to many questions sprouting within her. Being a very playful being, Arpitha walked the path of life with laughter filled within and she was recognized by her smile that made her touched many hearts.

Learning many techniques and therapies from various masters helped her make her own path of wisdom. She trusts that, to awaken the wisdom within, one must be knocked with knowledge. She began to spread meditation beginning from villagers, schools and colleges and many women from various sides of life with various issues. Sometimes she taught all of them as teacher, held them as mother and for some she played as child. Her motto was always to make people smile, come what may. She taught many men and women how to smile in spite of storms in life.

From the year, 2004, she began to work with many children and youngsters with simple techniques of healing as Reiki Grand Master and then began to equip herself with many further techniques and tools of healing like, Anatomy of Spirit, Past-Life Regression therapy, Rebirthing – Breath Work. Inner- Child, Spiritual Parenting and Family Geometry being her core transforming tools added more light to her awakening wisdom within. She constantly learnt, and continues to. In all the process of life, her smile begun to spread more and inspired many and many.

Though working with many since 2004, in dealing with issues of life, Arpitha began to manifest her work in form naming Divine Space.

Arpitha, is founder of Divine Space that formed for the well-being and uplifting humanity in emotional and spiritual evolution. She chose to take the work to every part and corner and touch as many as possible as she knew it is only wisdom that shall remain eternal. Divine Space began as The Connection Academy and now since 2018, known as Divine Space. It is the journey from 2004 to NOW.

Arpitha also started a trust,  in order to include one and all in creating tonnes of newness to every living being on the planet as many as possible with objectives  that take the journey its own turn and shape of Reforming and Re-framing. Soul Designers, Soul Architects and Soul Reformers are the projects apart from the basic and residential training programs.

 Along with Spiritual Education and Research, School for Music and Yoga, Plantation is one among the most important objective of the trust in order to make the planet green.  

For Arpitha, purpose is born out of life and Life is not out of purpose.
Journey begins to continue.

Witness Silence.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Money and Its Breath
(Know your prosperity behind the mask of Poverty)

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself…One cannot become something that one does not believe… If we wish to attract the flowering resources in our lives, we need to become aware of our limited beliefs.

Know your Fears and its Reflections

Our external environment is the reflection of our own thoughts and beliefs. However, not every projection is self. It might also be an influence or acceptance of others’ choice out of compassion. 

  1.  Poor Self-image: Low self esteem, Lack of confidence, Masking.
  2. Guilt: Fear of causing pain to others, Fear of making mistakes
  3.  Loss: Fear of losing, Fear of failure.
  4.  Lack: Fear of not having enough.
  5. Mistrust: Fear of being betrayed.
  6. Victim Consciousness: Fear of being victimized.
  7. Separation: Fear of losing one’s identity.

What is the Difference between Abundance and Prosperity

  1. Be an Authentic Millionaire
  2. Peel off the mask of poverty
  3. Know the nine Egos blocking the flow
  4. Apply the Sutras of Abundance
  5. Renew your prosperous self through 10 day introspecting program.

NOTE: It is not just a single day program. It is a 10 day program where the rest 10 important days shall be guided and monitored through an introspective applied karmic cleansing program. 

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@ Divine Foundation
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IFS code: SYNB0003439
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Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Journey of thousand miles begins with a step"

Dear Spiritual Reformers,

We all know and are aware that in spite of many discourses and theory talk on self improvement or realization, we still need many more to come in and create a newness to the world of spiritual reality..

There are still many areas where the movement is needed in many corners of the world around.. Beginning with Children of all ages, Adults of all ages, Families of all categories, Entrepreneurs, Corporate, Villages, Educational institutes, in short all the areas and aspects.. 

To begin to march ahead, we need to begin with bonding with humanity.. It is not about creating wonders or miracles, it’s about being a part of a group of humanity where resides joy, compassion, wisdom and oneness and most importantly "HOME".. 
And a vision to contribute a newness in the society we live, move and breath together..

As a part of the vision towards Creating Newness, let us all friends join as Spiritual Reformers where together we can inspire many lives and join the bonding as a part of us..

Welcome all to your "HOME" of your true reality..

Divine Space 
Arpitha Kodamagundla..
(Smile & Silence)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Divine Space Syllabus

As a part of Creating Newness, Divine Space happily announces the Structured, scheduled and designed program, that covers the basics and practical knowledge on the application of spiritual and trans-personal science(s) in day to day life..

The topics are as follows:
  1.   Spiritual Emergency
  2.  Anatomy of Spirit
  3.  Polarities
  4. Bodhi 
  5. Archetypes and its Process
  6. Layers of Psyche
  7.  Family Geometry
  8.  Psychology of a child
  9.  Breath Psychology
  10. Life Transformations
  11. Shamanism
  12. Past-Life Regression
The above are the topics covered in every class happening. Once the classes are over, the participants become aware in leading their lives with integrity.
And also can be a part of the grand Vision of Divine Space Global, in Creating Newness and continue to be with the Home Vision by Spreading Awareness, Coming up with Branches, and other various projects.
This is a unique program for the upcoming spiritual reformers who not only shall have the potential of actualizing the self, also shall bring a great transformation towards the evolution of the society by deed and soul.
Anyone who wishes to contribute to the society can join HOME and be a part of this scheduled program towards Self actualization.
Divine Team